Reshana Marie


                    Audio Clip's:


Fancy   (Reba McEntire cover)

                         Strawberry Wine  
(Deana Carter)                      

Me and Bobby Mcgee   (Janis Joplin cover)

       Where We Just Don't Care   (Reshana Marie original)
After The Fire Is Gone   (Loretta Lynn & C. Twitty cover)

                        Tin Man acoustic  (Miranda Lambert cover)

I'm The Only One   (Melissa Etheridge cover)

                 I Don't Wanna Play House   (Tammy Wynette cover)

Anymore   (Travis Tritt) 

Cardboard Box   
(Reshana Marie original)

 Wheel In The Sky /a Twist on:  Jolene -Medley (Journey and Dolly Parton)

               Tennesee Rain   
(Reshana Marie original)



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